Welcome to PlanetRent Blog


Welcome to the PlanetRent blog  – in this blog we discuss and publish our thoughts  on the lettings market, from the perspective of landlords, agents and asset managers.  We also re-post   articles which we think will be of interest to our followers. From time to time we publish “thought pieces” which highlight industry best practice, as well as looking at trends that effect the rental market.

Our blog is written by our in-house team who are directly involved in the marketing and development of the app. We occasionally  invite guest bloggers to share their thoughts as a way of offering an alternate view of the rental sector.

We are passionate about all things property,  but  as our name suggests, the rental sector is our big focus. Below is a list of some of the topics you will find us blogging about over the coming months:

  • The challenges faced by landlords around compliance and the never ending paperwork required to let a property
  • How to save time by eliminating unnecessary paperwork and streamline your business
  • Big picture thoughts on issues effecting the lettings industry
  • “Generation Rent” – what does the future hold for those unable to join the property ladder
  • Build to rent and its impact on the private rented sector
  • Legislation and tax changes – how to survive in an increasingly complex environment
  • New technologies and their impact on the world of lettings.

Depending on the blog contents, you will hear from our sales and marketing gurus – many who are landlords themselves. If its technical, you will hear from our in-house subject matter experts – who are always happy to answer tough questions on nearly any property related topic.

We welcome your comments and want you to feel you are part of our community but naturally we reserve the right to remove posts that we consider to be offensive or that breach our privacy policy.

If you have read this far,  then we encourage you to read our growing list of posts, subscribe and keep coming back for more lettings and property related insights and comment.