Creator of Free Landlord’s APP wins Property Manager of the Year Award

It’s been 3 years since Ringley, creator of Planet Rent last won this most coveted of awards in property, but they did not stop there. A mixture of instinct and foresight led them to bring forward a game-changing homegrown Build to Rent Portal and Residents App – and they are about to release it to every landlord and every Letting Agent, everywhere FREE. Ringley Group were picked from 12 shortlisted companies last Thursday night to winner in the most competitive category ‘Property Manager of the Year’.

“It is constant and extremely hard work keeping thousands of residents happy on a daily basis in the leasehold sector” says CEO Mary-Anne Bowring. “we expect to increase this service effort 20 fold when it comes to operating blocks in the new Build to Rent sector. Not only do residents pay for and expect super-high levels of service for the rent premium they pay in bespoke high end rental complexes, the institutional investors are demanding and need to ensure leakage is minimised for their yields to stack up and achieve viability.”

There’s no point pretending that if you can rent a property that makes you a build to rent expert, site staff are the new lettings agent, it takes modern tools to build community and the operators head office has to prove they can manage risk – all in a new transparent way. Ringley recognised this early on and developed an end to end apps to re-craft the key parts of the lettings experience, streamlining move-in, contracts, repairs, welcome, utilities and events processes whilst getting rid of the paper and slashing the admin time and costs which plague the industry.

Their aptly named Planet Rent app is to be made available to the wider private landlord market and all Letting Agents too. With Planet Rent the tenant fees ban problem is already solved – the app is free with contracts on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Our 15 strong in house IT team alone deserve this award for the relentless hours and sweat they have put in to this unique offering….the Tweets, re Tweets and Linked in likes along (with strong praise and personal messages from competitors and clients alike) are testament to what Ringley have achieved – a massive well done team Ringley !

The judges summed up Ringley’s offering

In 2017, Ringley took its BTR capability to the next level. According to the company, it is the only managing agent to bring forward a ground-breaking BTR model, building on 20 years estate management experience and culminating in its 150-page BTR Guide. Ringleys vision is to help create a new asset class, akin in community to student living, but with the brand consistency of, say, Premier Inn.  Judges praised the modern approach and strong growth.

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