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PlanetRent is our new automated lettings platform. It’s launching this week to save landlords and agents time, money, and hassle. PlanetRent automates and simplifies lettings by harvesting data and digitising all the key processes, making lettings quick and simple for everyone involved.

 Covid-19 has brought the traditional lettings process to a halt and we’re all having to find new ways of working remotely. So at Ringley, we have reacted fast to the lockdown, bringing forward the launch of PlanetRent, our cloud-based platform that helps landlords and agents cope with the social distancing measures introduced by the government in response to coronavirus.

PlanetRent connects agents, landlords, tenants, contractors, accountants and site staff, each through their own portal, so they can access the data they need, enabling them to carry out transactions from the comfort and safety of their home.

While coronavirus means the government has urged people not to move unless absolutely necessary, as social distancing measures are gradually lifted Ringley expects to see a surge in rental demand. We think households will want to avoid the expense and hassle of buying or selling a home and lenders are likely to tighten mortgage requirements in response to the economic uncertainty, giving renting renewed appeal.

Mary-Anne Bowring, group managing director at Ringley and creator of PlanetRent, says, “Coronavirus has undoubtedly caused huge disruption to the housing market but as the crisis fades we will still be left with the same problem of a rental market stuck in the analogue era when we are in the digital age”.

By automating key functions and replacing a host of existing subscriptions and manual processes, PlanetRent saves landlords and agents considerable time and expense. Read last Tuesday’s blog to check out the detail and find out how PlanetRent can take the hassle out of lettings in just a few clicks.

And if you’re a buy-to-let landlord, come back on Thursday when we’ll be looking at the ways PlanetRent will help support you and your tenants.

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