PlanetRent: helping landlords and tenants build better relationships!

If your tenants are calling you out to change their lightbulbs, you need PlanetRent – now!

Here’s something you might not expect. According to research from broadband and utilities provider Glide, more than a fifth of renters expect their landlord to fix their broken Wi-Fi  – and more than a third think they should be responsible for changing their lightbulbs for them!  The study surveyed 1,000 tenants who are either currently renting a property, or have previously rented, to find out which issues they expect their landlords to be responsible for dealing with.

Other surprising findings were that one in seven tenants (14%) said they would leave a dispute over how to split bills with flatmates for their landlord to sort out and almost a quarter (23.2%) admitted they would leave a dispute over parking up to the owner of the premises to resolve.

 Of course, landlords are legally responsible for dealing with certain problems that arise both inside and outside rental properties on their tenants’ behalf. Obviously, where and when those responsibilities pass over to the tenant is not always clear.

By downloading our PlanetRent app we make the tenant journey absolutely transparent – so both landlords and tenants know where they stand.

For the landlord:

  • we highlight along the journey what the landlord has to do / what their responsibilities are. For example, since the tenant fee ban came into force,  it is now their responsibility to pay the inventory fee, and the system has been restructured to show this.
  • PlanetRent provides service level agreements, so tenants know how fast repairs will be carried out.
  • we automatically provide the How to Rent guide and deposit leaflet – which the landlord HAS to provide to each tenant when they move in or they get fined. This outlines all the tenant’s rights, responsibilities and obligations.

For the tenant:

  • we automatically tell the council about a new tenant so they can recharge council tax to the correct person.
  • we make the tenant’s cleaning responsibilities clear from the outset.

PlanetRent is lettings, automated. We make the tenant journey quick and simple and make it easy for landlords to remain compliant with all their responsibilities. So why not download the app today – its free!

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