PlanetRent fights back against rogue landlords

Camden Council is clearly leading the way when it comes to raising standards in the private rental sector. This week, it’s been London’s first authority to issue a rogue landlord banning order after tenants’ lives were put at risk through the letting of unsafe housing.

The first-tier tribunal has banned Cesar De Sousa Melo from letting any housing in England for four years and fined him £14,000. This follows a rogue landlord referral received by Camden Council via the Greater London Authority and Mayor of London website.

The council investigated and found the landlord was letting out several unlicensed houses in multiple occupation. Overcrowding, fire alarms that didn’t work and general disrepair were discovered after a raid on his properties.

This is an extreme case – but it shows how important it is to comply with the legislation that governs the lettings market. At Ringley, we have made it really easy for landlords to meet their legal obligations and ensure their tenants live in safe, well-maintained homes.

The Ringley Group, though its PlanetRent software, helps large and small landlords manage their compliance for FREE. 

PlanetRent is the go-to destination for landlords and shows you which compliance documents are missing or expired.  Better still, when you upload documents, PlanetRent sends them automatically to your tenants or (for agents) your landlords so everyone can feel safe.   Also, when you do your offers, deals and e-contracts through PlanetRent your tenants will receive all the compliance documents they need, drip-fed to them during the first month after they move in.

You can also sign up for PlanetRent’s HMO partner to keep your HMO licencing up to date and apply for HMO licences and renewals.

FREE portals are provided for landlords, tenants and contractors and if you use the photo repairs reporting tool for tenants you can capture the whole of the necessary audit trail.

Put simply, PlanetRent delivers all the tools you need, not only to deliver a first class welcome journey to your tenants, but it also provides the audit trail to prove a job well done.

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