How PlanetRent takes the pain out of compliance

We all understand how important it is to keep tenants safe in their homes. A useful article in Landlord Today, written by a health & safety consultant, points to the key issues for landlords. With the Grenfell inquiry on-going, fire safety is top of the list, followed by compliance with electrical and gas regulations.  As the article says, landlords have always been expected to maintain rented homes to a reasonable standard, and current health and the safety rules give clear guidance as to what is expected.

However, health and safety legislation isn’t static – and keeping up with changes can be a major responsibility, particularly if you have a portfolio of different types of property, all of which may require compliance in a slightly different way. For example, the rules that apply to HMOs are not always going to be the same as those for a block of flats or a buy-to-let home.

Across the board, effective compliance means ensuring your properties, their fixtures, fittings and appliances meet the regulations and that any work has been carried out by registered or qualified professionals. But it is also important that landlords retain evidence to prove they have done what they were supposed to do.  

This can be complex and time-consuming and is why Ringley has developed a solution with landlords in mind. Our PlanetRent app makes it really simple to organise your health & safety compliance and to know what safety checks or certificates are missing or expiring soon.

This is how it works:

  • First we will need some information about you and your property.
  • Next, upload the documents as you find them OR use our bulk import tools.
  • Then while you make a cup of tea – we’ll map all the PDFs to the correct properties.

It’s that easy.

Also, we will save you even more time and money because every time you upload a document we will send it to the tenant, and, if you are an agent we will send a copy to your landlord too!

It’s free, so why not take a look at the PlanetRent website to find out more and download the app today.

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