How PlanetRent keeps your tenants happy and well informed

Tenants need as much information as possible and PlanetRent is here to help

Good relationships between landlords and tenants almost always come down to good communication. If you know what is expected of you and when you are more likely to fulfil your obligations. And that goes for both sides of the lettings coin.

We blogged recently about the lack of knowledge among many tenants of what they can expect from their landlord and what s/he is likely to need from them. According to a recent National Landlords Association (NLA) survey, an eye-popping four out of five tenants say they want better information on the roles and responsibilities of landlords and letting agents, because they don’t understand how the rental process works. This can cause headaches for landlords who end up involved in disputes with tenants that could have been easily avoided by communicating effectively from the outset.

Now everyone can be a professional landlord with our PlanetRent app. PlanetRent gives tenants a first-class welcome – even if you use different agents in different parts of the country. Our tenants portal is designed to give all tenants a high-quality lettings journey that makes the whole process of renting a home simple and transparent right from the start. All they need to do is log on to do all this and more:

  • Pay  initial move-in rent and deposit online
  • Enter reference info
  • E-sign and store contracts
  • Pay rent by direct debit
  • Access property documents
  • Find details of utilities and meters 
  • Access details of Boiler Service Agreements
  • Look at photos and floor plans
  • Log repairs, watch progress, and rate the contractor
  • Get help and support

For landlords, Planet Rent means all tenant records and documents are instantly accessible and stored online in one place. The app takes all the hassle out of collecting deposit and rent monies and means service agreements, repairs and contractors can easily be logged and progress tracked until the repair case is closed.

A happy tenant is likely to stay in your property for longer, pay their rent and bills on time and give you a lot less grief than one who feels their voice isn’t being heard. So if you want a smart way to treat renters as customers, download the app today and give your tenants their best lettings experience yet.

PlanetRent is brought to you by The Ringley Group which has more than 20 years of expertise in managing thousands of properties.

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